RealLive (turned on by Zepp)

March 9, 2016

RealLive (turned on by Zepp)

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The only official live emulation app, in partnership with Zepp Hall Networks and other major Japanese venues.

Introducing RealLive (turned on by Zepp)


With RealLive, with just your smartphone and a pair of headphones, you can experience the real sound of concert at

  • Zepp Sapporo
  • Zepp Tokyo
  • Zepp DiverCity(TOKYO)
  • Zepp Nagoya
  • Zepp Namba(OSAKA)
  • Zepp Fukuoka
  • Tokyo Dome
  • Saitama Super Arena
  • Yokohama Arena
  • Yoyogi National Gymnasium
  • Makuhari Messe Event Hall

You can also browse a list of events coming up soon in each venue with information from Japan’s top listings site, IFLYER.

The sound of each venue has been fine-tuned and mastered by Star Tech, one of the top sound design companies in Japan, responsible for sound systems and audio design at major events and tours of Japan’s most popular artists and bands.

Customize your concert


Select the venue

RealLive takes the actual audio image (Impulse Response files) recorded at major venues across Japan to accurately recreate the unique sound quality of each venue on your iOS or Android device. The raw sound file is then mastered by the engineers at Star Tech, to faithfully recreate the ambience of each venue.

Select the crowd

You can select 4 different types of crowd sound to match the music you are playing give your songs a more authentic “live” feel:

  • Rock – crowd for a rock concert
  • J-POP – crowd for a J-POP artist
  • Boy Band- mainly female crowd, typical for a crowd for a boy band
  • Girl Idol- mainly male crowd, typical of a crowd for an “idol” concert

Set the EQ

For the power user,you can also adjust the sound to match your requirements using the powerful and visually attractive graphic equalizer,
There are also 4 equalizer pre-sets to choose from (Loud, Bass, Clear, Mild).

Raise the roof with added “CHEER!”


Use the “CHEER!” button add to the excitement when when you hit the chorus or a killer guitar solo. The more you hit the button, the wilder the crowd gets!

How to use Zepp Player


  • Re-create the setlist of that live concert to relive the experience.
  • Who would you love to see in playing in Zepp or any of the other featured venues?? Your favourite band who never tour in your area? The up-and-coming artist you’d love to see make it big? With RealLive you can create your own unique concert experience.
  • Headline your own concert!
    Import your own songs into the iOS or Android music library and hear how you will sound when you hit the big time!